Dear Readers,

Ph: Lorenzo Albanese

My name is Daria, and I’m a travel journalist from the heart of Russia called Moscow.  After completing degrees in International Relations in 2011 I moved from my beloved hometown Saint Petersburg to take a job in Moscow in the Higher School of Economics.  Along with everyday work in international relations, I got inspired for travelling which became my drug of choice and I went off chasing light every chance I got.

In the last years since I’ve engaged in the life of a travel journalist I am convinced that traveling gives us not only a new experience but also enriches our inner world and reverses the usual way of life upside down. It helps us to see the world differently and to understand what really makes us happy.

I use photography as a way to capture the feelings caused by the Nature of my native land and the amazing places I have been in. I did not study photography, I just got a camera and started to take pictures. In my photos I try to convey all the beauty and fleetingness of the moment and the feelings which this picture has been made with. Each photo is an inexhaustible beauty and greatness of the Nature, it can transfer us not only to the sunny cities of Italy,  the jungles of Costa Rica or the surreal mountains of Iceland, but also to many other corners of the world, full of beauty and life.

So, if you decide to follow this blog, be sure to be inspired, because we are going for a long ride which is full of adventures and discovers.