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Amalfi coast and Capri: Italian bliss

July 25, 2015

In the sunny Italian region of Campania, in the Province of Salerno, lies the amazing beauty of Amalfi coast, stretching from the Western part of Positano to the Eastern Vietri sul Mare, in addition to these two colourful places, there are such as: Maiori, Cetara, Minori, Atrani, Ravello, Amalfi, Praiano, Scala.

I could be telling you for a long time what is worth seeing on this coast, but the idea of this post is not to give you a recommendation. I would like to show you how I saw one of the towns of the Amalfi coast.

So, there is a town before you, after which the coast was named – colourful Amalfi.

Mountains are embellished with colourful houses, whose roofs reflect the rays of the Italian velvet sun. The air consists of the sea air mixed with the aroma of morning coffee. Everything around here is literally permeated with pleasure.

The sea is clean and very warm. Sometimes you can even come across mermaids 🙂

Soon, after admiring the beauty of the coast, I decided to go to the Island of Capri. The boat trip took about 40 minutes. Just imagine: on the right there are views of colourful houses, on the left there is the sea and yachts. And nothing else…

 The sound of waves, fresh breeze, and Coldplay with their eternal hit “Paradise” in the headphones – that is how I spent my journey. I tried several times to pick up a camera and start shooting. But enjoying the coastal beauty seemed so fleeting, that I decided to observe it not through the lens of the camera, but with my own eyes… Although, of course, I took some photos 🙂

On the way to Capri you will be greeted by friendly and hungry seagulls.

In the times of the Roman Emperor Tiberius the Island of Capri in Italy was considered to be “the island of elite”, and this is not surprising: the beauty of Capri is fascinating, everything here is soaked in the sea breeze, freshness and sun.

Capri is a great place for divers, including beginners: crystal clear water, small depth, abundance of underwater caves and sunken ships.

Summer on the island is always very hot, so keep this in mind when planning a long hiking. But the view that opens before your eyes is definitely worth going around the entire island on foot for.

The Amalfi coast is a perfect combination of natural colourful palette, painted mountainous relief, with a spirit of serene bliss, enveloping the consciousness and awakening the desire to stay in this enchanting corner a little longer. Being on the Amalfi coast, you should visit Capri. Summer landscapes and sea air will charm you, the eyes will remember the colours of summer beaches and colourful houses, the skin will absorb the warmth of Italian sun. The memory of this charming place will remain in your heart for a long time and will warm you in the autumn and winter season.

 Photos are taken by me.