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In love with Italian fjords: Malcesine

June 30, 2017

I was always dreaming to visit the northern part of Italy in the beginning of a summertime, to drive through the places covered with warm sunlight. Preparing the route, I made a decition to visit Garda Lake because this lake is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the north part of Italy. Being a longtime fan of the mountains, I took my camera and advices of my Italian friends, and decided to go to the north part of Lake Garda – the city of Malcesine.

Malcesine is a picturesque tourist resort with cobbled lanes and a castle, crammed between the blue lake waters and the massive mountain ridge behind, Monte Baldo. Somehow, traveling the world, I met a couple of Italians who told me that many Italian people are trying to quickly buy a house or an apartment here and to move to this cozy place with their children. At the beginning I was surprised to hear it becasue there are many places are more nice than that one, but during my trip, I think I understood what the meaning of this decision is.

In the summer months Malcesine is a hive of innocent hedonism, packed with pottering holidaymakers gorging on ice cream and sunseekers draped along the lake shore. Be prepared that city is full of tourists (especially during the summertime) – due to the unique location, town’s ferry connections to other lakeside resorts make it a good base for sightseeing and the cable-car running up to Monte Baldo is a magnet for cyclists, walkers and paragliders.



I strongly advise you to explore the city by foot, because the town is a lovely place to stroll for an hour or so, with picturesque medieval lanes winding up the slope from the lake. There are pretty little squares, cafes and restaurants, gelaterie and shops selling handbags, shoes, limoncello and clothes. But if for some reason, walking tours have not become interesting to you, Malcesine will also help you organize a pleasant leisure: on the dock you can take a boat to Riva del Garda, Limone or other lake resorts.


However, the most interesting, in my opinion, will be the idea of climbing the cable cab to Monte Baldo, where you will find the most breathtaking view. Do you already feel the goosebumps in your skin? Then go to the cable cab!

Climb to the top of Mount Monte Baldo at least for appreciating the beauty and extent of the lake. The upper station of the cableway is at an altitude of 1,760 meters, and the lake from this point looks really attractive – it seems to be in a full view. A one-person ticket  for the whole day will cost about 20 euros, however, in the summer there is a high probability that you will have to get a little patience to wait in the queue, but do not worry – the view will definitely worth the spent time. Cabs of the funicular can accommodate about 50 people and revolve around its axis, which, of course, is a big plus, because you can see all the beauty of the place being already in the booth. This is a great tour, particularly on a hot day, as temperature on the top is lower and cooler than the temperature by the lake.

When the funicular brings you to the top spot, believe me, the time will stand still and your breathing will become less frequent, because the beauty of this place is not just breathtaking – here, really, you do not  believe your eyes: clear lines of mountains, blue sky and absolutely great beauty of the lake merge into one; bright colors and perspective seem to get off the canvases of Italian artists.

A nice addition is that you can also grab a snack in the top of the mountains – there’s a nice café over there. However, it will be much more interesting to take care of the trip in advance and bring sandwiches, wine and fruits with you and enjoy lunch sitting on the mountainside and looking at the boundless lake or the majestic Dolomites.

This is an amazing feeling when you stand on top, breathe fresh mountain air and feel that inside of you everything is turning upside down, and you are afraid that this magical moment may end. Being on top of Monte Baldo is like living “here and now”. The taste of this moment is unforgettable.