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Neapolitan summer

August 4, 2017

Dear summer,

I am simply in love with you.

Everything is just perfect in you: the beautiful colors and the fresh produce and the thick thunderstorms rolling in at night. You are giving me time to rest and think. We have our time at the sea — a yearly thing — that already seems so long ago now. Such a glorious week of eating and relaxing, singing and doing nothing at all.


Summer, you’re a celebration of friends and family. Laughter and holding hands. Aperititivo and ice cream at nine. Dangling feet in the water off the dock.



Summer, I love you. You’re a needed and craved after season in my life. I’ll miss all the lovely colors of produce that you provide. Oh and the aperitivo time. I’ll miss that fresh taste of the sea breeze along with a bitter aperol.  And of course, I’ll miss those lazy hazy days of summer and these guys who made my summer days brighter and colorful — no wonder there are many songs about you – you are the best time of the year.

So summer, I’m going to live in joy these last couple weeks. Embracing the fabulous gifts you bring. The freedom and laughter and even the fun and excitement in planning for the fall. Summer you are joy.

And, between you and me, you just might be the best.


P.S. Thank you my dear friends for making this summer so special!