Art & Photography

Spring is in the air

March 7, 2017

There is nothing more complex and special in this world than a woman. She is full of mystery and wonders that make them special and one of a kind.


Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom and the earth seems to come to life again. It is a time of many changes, new projects, bright colors, fresh forces and love affairs. Probably, spring is the the best for the beginning of something special and long-awaited.

Today, on the eve of a Woman’s Day, I show you the new vision of me. It was one of these shootings where everything was covered with magical sensuality! I felt so special and … real woman.

Spring is the time to feel that every woman deserves to be treated like a queen.

Many thanks to my team who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing project!


Photographer: Olga Volshebnaya / Dress: Jovani Fashion Russia / MUAH: Olga Tukmakova/ Location: Cross Studio Moscow