Street sketches

Street sketches: Montepulciano

November 22, 2016

Montepulciano is a medieval and Renaissance hill town and comune in the Italian province of Siena in southern Tuscany town. The city is full of elegant palaces and charming squares.

This small area of south-east Tuscany is the birthplace of outstandingly prestigious wines. Its extraordinary wealth of artistic heritage and stunning landscape where the beauty of nature blends with the architecture of the town, unchanged since the 16th century, making this a truly blessed area. Wine did not appear in Montepulciano by chance: in fact, many are convinced that the opposite is true – it is thanks to the features and culture of this area and its profoundly developed civilisation, careful to protect and promote its heritage of skills and experience, that a prestigious drink like “Nobile” was able to evolve.

A walk through Montepulciano is the best way to view the town and its beautiful landmarks as well as enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside covered by vineyards producing the famous Nobile!

A nice addition to your trip to Montepulciano can be a fact that the city is surrounded by beautiful Tuscan landscapes and famous haystack 🙂

My main tip:  I loved the contrast between the ocher fields and the green vineyards and olive groves, the terraced cultivation on the hillsides and the houses. Try to find a good spot to enjoy the view, it is really something unimaginable!