Street sketches

The taste of spring: Venice

March 27, 2017


Sweet and warm – that’s the taste of the days spent together. Sweet flavor, like a taste of gelato, left on my lips and warm sunshine remain on my skin, like a greeting from the upcoming spring.

…I waited for you so long.

It was like a long lost friend who has finally come to visit, taking their time to get here, but when it finally arrives, the memory of waiting so quickly disappears.

The waiting for it was hard. At times it was dark and difficult. I felt like I was suffocating underneath a winter rudeness. As if a partner had taken off and left me to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. It rained and rained and I thought it would never end. But then, accidentally, I have been blessed to find my shelter to observe the rain from inside, and this shelter were you.

You are here now, and your energy is so warm and tender. Color has come back onto my plate. It seeps into my veins, brightening my every move. I feel lighter, wilder, more alive…

I waited for you so long. I deserve you, and I will be happy to welcome you back again with my open arms.

I’m full of unlimited emotions to thank you for these amazing days, which brought me so much warmth and sunshine! Your fresh breeze has a taste of a bewaited spring, and this taste is the most unforgettable moment of the year.

P.S. Sei la mia primavera.